Friday, July 20, 2018

How to Shut Down Computer Automatically at a Specific Time?

At the end of the day, you always log off your computer when you are done using
it, but you often forget to shut it down and go beyond your time limits while using
it sometimes.Now you can set your PC to shut down automatically. To do so,
follow these steps given below on Windows and Mac:

On Windows
1. Tap on the Start button.
2. Tap on the Control Panel option.
3. Go to the System and Security.
4. Tap on the Administrative tools option.
5. And open the Task Scheduler.
6. Then tap on the Create Basic Task option.
7. Give the task name and description.
8. Tap on the Next button to continue.
9. Then select the Daily option shown on the Task Trigger page.
10. Tap on the Next option to select the time you want your computer to shut
    down each day.
11. Write 1 in the Rescue ever X days option.
12. Tap on the Next button.
13. Choose the Start Program option.
14. Then tap on the Next button to proceed.
15. Now you will need to enter the location for the shutdown program.
16. Then review your setting to ensure that you have selected the right day.
17. Finally, tap on the Finish button to save the task.
18. Your PC will now start to shut down at that specific time you have selected.

On Mac

1. Open your System Preferences.
2. Tap on the Energy Sever option.
3. Tap on the Schedule button, located in the bottom right corner of your PC’s
4. Now you will need to check the box which is present next to the Startup or
   Wake option. This will schedule when your computer turns on.
5. Check the box to schedule when your computer goes to sleep or shuts
    down. The schedule can be set for specific days, weekends or weekdays.
6. After settting ask your choices, tap on the OK button.
7. Your computer will now start to shut down at that specific time you selected for it.

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