Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Five Data Security Measures to Protect Your Business

Data security is a critical aspect for all businesses, whether big or small. Since enterprises store a lot of valuable data digitally from financial statements to clients’ personal information, it is not difficult to ascertain why a single data breach can potentially cause some severe damage to the company.
Here are some key data security measures that organizations must take to improve their data security.

1- Control and limit access

First and foremost, as a company, you need to make a record of the data that the employees can access. Decide the employees to give access and take away access from the ones who do not need it. This way, you can cut down the list of those who can access the data. Furthermore, consult with the admins and select the kind of access you need to give to individual sections and employees.

2- Identify and safeguard the most valuable data

If your network or devices get attacked, then will you be able to distinguish the important information and files? As an organization, it is necessary to spend some time in identifying the critical information and trying to secure it first.
With the help of data classification, you can secure your corporate data. The critical data of any business is also referred to as the crown jewels. You must have a solid knowledge of the data so as to protect it. Some of the most critical data include data assets, formal agreements, intellectual property, employees’ details, etc.

3- Form a data protection strategy and policy

After determining the valuable data, businesses should work towards developing strategies to secure the data. It is crucial to have a system in place when cyber attacks are launched. This policy must define the employees who require and can access the data. For this reason, such plans and strategies help in better organization.
Such cybersecurity policies must be dynamic and flexible so that improvements or changes can be made to meet the rapidly evolving digital innovations. With the help of stringently implemented data access policies, the data can be safeguarded on a regular and routine basis.

4- Create better password habits across the organization

Employees must create strong and complex passwords. Therefore, business owners and decision makers must assist employees in creating passwords that utilize a mix of uppercase letters, numbers, and symbols and such passwords are more difficult for malicious attackers to crack.
The best way to create robust passwords is to make sure that it contains a minimum of twelve characters and does not contain any dictionary words like “purple monster.” Above all, passwords must be novel to each employee and tough for others to guess.

5- Create regular backups

Last but not least, it is vital to create data backups routinely. Apart from hacking, losing the information is a pressing concern, and businesses must be well equipped for the unforeseen. As an organization, start creating backups in a secure location on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. Moreover, ensure that the data gets backed up in a secure location.

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