Friday, September 7, 2018

How to Child-Proof your iOS Device

If you are a parent of a minor, then you must be aware of the hassles of trying to ensure that they do not accidentally access age-inappropriate content on the web. If you have an iPhone or iPad that your child uses, then you should know that these devices come with excellent parental controls. You can also install apps to add to the iOS parental controls.

iOS devices have an astonishing number of controls that will help you in restricting adult content and make browsing safe for your kids. You do not have to purchase any application and invest in tools. Just go to the Settings application. Tap on General and select Restrictions. Now, you can restrict whatever you feel is necessary. You can set time limits, restrict access to the web browser, and even add a passcode to the device’s camera and FaceTime.

Apart from restricting Safari and other applications, you can also disable downloads. Often children go to the app store and download suspicious apps. To avoid this, you can block downloading of apps that are poorly rated. In the web browser, you can allow access to only certain sites. For example, if finals are approaching, then you can grant access to only educational websites.

How to turn on restrictions in iOS 11 devices using the Screen Time feature?

1. Tap on the Settings icon in the home menu.
2. Scroll down and select General.
3. Hit the Restrictions option.
4. Turn the Restrictions on.
5. Enter a four digits Restrictions password.

How to turn on restrictions in iOS 12 devices using the Screen Time feature

1. Unlock the iOS 12 device.
2. Open the Settings application.
3. Scroll down and select Screen Time.
4. Click on the Turn On Screen Time option.
5. Choose Content and Privacy Restrictions.
6. You need to set a screen password.
7. Enter the same password again to confirm.

If your kid uses any iOS devices that are linked to your iCloud or iTunes account, then you need to make a few changes. Your credit card details might be saved in your iTunes Store. Therefore, your kid can make purchases, and it will get billed on you. In order to turn off in-app purchases, you need to open the Settings app and tap on Restrictions. Disable the in-app purchases in the Restrictions Settings screen. While playing games on iPhone, kids are often prompted to make purchases to get a new feature or unlock a level. Therefore restricting in-app purchases will save you from losing your hard earned money.

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